Mindfuck: a brandynette blog about Pornosexuality.

  • Who is Brandynette

    Brandynette creates #NSFW content specific to her #paraphilias, #Hypnosis & #Brainwash files intended to #trigger #femboy #betalosers or #effeminate males with #smalldicks! Where is she from? @Brandynette #Amateur #Pornhub #Pornstar let it goooo! let it gooo… I LOSS DO GOANIX MEA GOOOO!!! Da steht mein schloß. I pass ehh selber drauf auf! I bin dahaaaaaaaaam!…

  • You will win success with all you adopt.

    Mit allem was du dir zu eigen machst wirst du erfolg haben. I hit a weird turn in my road & took it! 8 years ago i went home & had to cross an intersection in my home town. I knew the life i was living was over, it just had to be, i was…

  • Hello world!

    Brandynette founded brandynette.xxx as her private Mindfuck tube to mess with the minds of anyone brave enough to dare & get hypnotized

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