Bellmar – Bambi Sleep Project Apreciation

source: Like Ra´s Nauthy Playground – Bellmar´s Bambi Project



//Brandynette found Bellmar on a classic bambi rage fueled by blatant hypersexuality at 6:39 standard universal time on 09/05/2024

Intrigued by the extensiveness of Bellmar´s Bambi Projekt (*update link!) & the intriguing reply to my curiosity forced my Bambi to accept Bellmar´s challenge

from this point on i can’t tell, remember or know the timetable of what happend when or in what order.

the familiar bambi audio triggers bambi mode instantly. immediately horny i procede to get the pieces of my uniform. mix & maximise enjoying putting on each piece of my bambi uniform. while it locks in place. i notice the files are speed up significantly & the succession of triggers forces me deeper into bambi bliss.

2 audios in i relax while the audios meld into the background. as per usual, bambi needs attention so she goes social butterfly on r/bambisleep supporting every bambi she can find. suddenly popping into perception, hearing something about metal pieces on her temples being applied to be used as part of bambis brainwashing. jokingly think about ECT?

can i make myself feel the metal plates on bambis temples? i wonder? yis, if i focus & concentrate i can slightly feel something there. goosebumps as i realize audios reach my brain whiteout me being able to stop it. get hard as i know im trapped, i feel im traped. locked & primed for anything bellmar´s bambi might have designed into the files.

some time passes again where i have no recollection of what i heard wrote to whom where? wtf, i just wrote it like 2 sec ago. real confusion feeling stressed, doubting, doubting? about what? u always write shit to someone somewhere getting surprised by your own word’s months apart. is bambi writing this? well yes hunny, i am when ur not, we are when we okey. na we no okey. giggle

metal parts get pressured against my temples as part of bellmar´s design. oh shit, this is it for real this time! hell yes. YES fuck YES! binaural tones focused on my brainwaves. the overstimulating wobbling between my ears stresses the fuck out this time? ohh fuuuck, i can feel the metal against my temples & it’s happening, i feel it. penetrating my brain altering me in ways i enjoy but fearful of its reality. bellmar is brainwashing me… im fucked so deeply fucked. i doubt! i doubt the fuck out about reality! i doubt my own choice of being bambi. i doubt the fact ive been bambi for 7 friking years? WTF? this pressure on my brain is exhausting… bambi has no brain.

why cant i hear the binaural audio but feel its effects? i can sense its emptiness between the tones as deep valleys warping where they are passing. both sides where these metal plates on my temples are worse than ECT! fuck electrical sizzling noises, i fucking knew it! the first tought i had about it is real! i can only hear the train of fast paced self-affirmations i actually love. i love this. myself as bambi.

unconsciously, only noticing audios later at some point my jaws closed shut & pressed hard. the disassociation of what my body feels & what bambi tells me to feel is for me really really powerful. i can stop. i dont want to stop. i will never stop. this is perfect exactly what i want & need. somehow the audio made me shut my mouth & create the sensation of real pressure.
quiting? i can’t remember anything outside of bambi reality. the options werent in the menu anymore. blanked out. fully obedient. unhinged. uniformed, collared. ankled. remote control plugged. locked brain in place.

realizes 2 bambis are there doing a binaural dance of suggestions. the moment i hear one the other is gone. no chance of listening & remembering at the same time. i can only listen. obediently. as a good girl. a good bambi its a see saw pulling & pushing me into leaking cummie juices from my sissy clitty. as my inner voice is fully in bambis voice. her words are overwriting own tought in my own brain.

please be there one single bambi hucow trigger!!!
to be tiddy pumped till my milk gets everywhere. MOO!
i dunno. i forgot. i just remember it happening. & did not notice me placing the pumps on my breasts till waaaay after the pump reached max pressure shutting down without me noticing

i clearly remember saying i would regret this days later. im glad im regretting it. i can feel my body like as if i suddenly became aware of it being there. like wut? bf fucked a day after. holly bambi mother of feeling a cock in my bussy. why is his dick filling me up so fully?

bellmar´s audios ability to get me hypnotized to actually feel all the body sensations I allow yourself to feel do something amazing & exactly what im looking for on the evil level;
The training of my ability to feel my own body more intensely! Sensitization therapy?
autist spectrums will hate this! ADHD will love it! schizoaffektives? dunno TF bellmar did. i know i enjoyed it! i want more! ASAP so im primed for the next session gaining intensity of pre-joy Butterflys every minute that passes, every time im remembering im going to do it, where im denied indulging myself till its either fully integrated where i know every word & suggestion or i get bored. bored? giggle, def no posible with bellmar´s lawful evil style. BDSM afine! nothing dangerous designed to ruin your progress. def way up in the intensity scale as it clearly pushed my hardened ass over her limits. feels like upgrades!

we when needing to handle more mental load have 2 natural choices. we filter it out thus ignoring it saving resources lowering stress or stress TF out a bit to prioritize resources to the right places thus training & readjusting your biological weights to the settings of your conscious needs to make sense of current reality.

i always choose to stress TF out for a bit to train myself to be better than i was.

now comes the hard part. sharing it & getting permission to use the audios for my purposes? visuals are of utmost importance to me as imitation

What is eviller? Forcing someone with permission & consent to enforce an agenda or making them willingly consent by using their own brains against them?


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