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T-D Wrote:

I guess the point I was trying to make is that a man can not get another man pregnant. Even if that man went through hormone therapy and sexual reassignment surgery, he is still a man with a mutilated penis.
Same as a female doing the same thing. A female can not get another female pregnant even if she had a penis stitch between her legs. I kind of doubt she could ever get a hard on unless she had an air pump or something to get an erection.

reproduction is quite simple. GIGGLE!
You have a specialized organs producing sperm. male Testies. Which produce 1 cell with full DNA, this is then forced into dividing into 2 cells & then these half cells divide into 2 again. so, ADN get 1-time split 50/50 then again split-copy 2×2 so 2 50/50 cells turn into 50/50/50/50 or 4x sperm carrying 23 chromosomes each.
Only testicles running hard on testosterone can do this successfully in large quantities.
YOU have a bio vagina. Where you never ever produce egg cells but rather mature them over your fertile lifespan. Females grow all their egg cells during prepuberty storing them to mature them during menstrual cicles.
Only if these 2 meets, merge & nest themselves in fertile vaginal lining, with sufficient blood vessels may pregnancy even occur. reason menstruation kills the lining & this is what bleeds.

No matter how much chirurgical master skills you may have. You will never be able to mechanically create a real working genitalia out of oposite post puberty genitalia!
REASON? The specialization of genital cells due to the influence of hormones % the time it takes for them to grow naturally over +/-12 years starting from conception.

Genetical modifications due to use of tools like crisper? might work, if you hit males before their balls drop… theories peculations. etc

T-D Wrote:

I guess the point I was trying to make is that a man cannot get another man pregnant. Even if that man went through hormone therapy and sexual reassignment surgery, he is still a man with a mutilated penis.
Same as a female doing the same thing. A female cannot get another female pregnant even if she had a penis stitch between her legs. I kind of doubt she could ever get a hard on unless she had an air pump or something to get an erection.

wich brings me to the second. after sex change your sterile. mainstream sex changes not like lab experiment research trying to figure out how to transplant working genitalia from on human to the other. arising the question, do the transplanted genitalia produce my ADN or the hosts one? knowing my genetics i guess host one’s cuss cells don’t ask for body cloud DNA library. they copy what’s in their cell core. so yeah, after sex change ur sterile!
Trans males can get Trans females pregnant. if the trans male & trans female haven’t sex changed & the trans male carries out the pregnancy in his working vagina.
trans male can have top surgery cuss trans fem can lactate normally with some supplements.
Why lactate & not reproduce?
Cuss making milk is kind of simple for any mammal compared to copying the library of your DNA gazillions of times to make new humans. all mammal’s male & female have mammary gland cells. In males they are “disabled” as testosterone overpowers & eats up estrogen which they need to develop to production levels. In adult females they are in “low power mode” meaning they develop normally & go into “hyperactive mode” when pregnancy levels of hormones flood her body. Like me for instance. If you suck you will get some ^^
Why? if im not pregnant? Nor can i ever get pregnant

T-D Wrote:

i heard there is some sort of “button” or “switch” with neo-penises (as opposed to neo-vaginas) where you can get some sort of hard on.

YEP! ive pumped one up while sucking it.
it depends on your insurance or how much you want to spend on your pump action pecker cuss electrical wireless options are entering the market.
there is a trans mask kinkster movement wanting exactly that, body mods where sex toy manufacturers give them extra settings!

princes Wrote:

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Z Wrote:

At the time crossdreaming and autogynephilia were considered rather similar.

Yes, that was my first thought, actually.

I think there are several important differences between the labels “crossdreaming” and “autogynephilia”. The problem with the label “autogynephilia” is that it does not merely refer to “a male’s propensity to be sexually aroused by the thought of himself as a female”, because it’s strongly associated with Blanchard’s two-type theory, and all its assumptions and implications (some of which are pathologizing and transphobic). That’s the reason why I think it’s better to label that propensity with Molay’s term (“crossdreaming”) or Serano’s term (“embodiment fantasies”), which are more neutral terms that don’t imply the acceptance of Blanchard’s framework.
This is Jack Molay’s definition of “crossdreamer” in A Creative Crossdreamer Vocabulary:
“Term made by me to describe the act of dreaming about being ones target sex or getting aroused by the idea of being ones target sex. Crossdreamer is a subcategory under the wider umbrella term “transgender”, which denotes a wide spectrum of gender variance, including crossdressers, drag queens, gender queer, and transsexuals. Some crossdreamers identify with their birth sex, others with their target sex (i.e. the sex they dream of being). Some crossdreamers crossdress, others do not. Crossdreamers may be assigned male or female at birth. Their sexual orientation varies. There is no clear and distinct boundary between crossdreamers and other transgender people. As trans activists Julia Serano has pointed out in her book Whipping Girl, many trans women started out as crossdressers and crossdreamers, because these were ways of expressing their sense of self. By the way, Serano has suggested the term female/feminine (or male/masculine) embodiment fantasies to describe much of the same thing.”
Here’s the book with this definition:…AvonN/view

Blanchard might be transphobic but so is most of science & clear medical definitions for specific issues is a must. autogynephilia is the correct term if what you feel, like & do is FETISH related & it should keep that definition for that particular case as it also includes the help scenarios for the fetish related distresses. NOW, Blanchard was a dick & had clears sexual idealization with trans females but crossdreaming is as vague of a definition as all the self-inflicted woke… (dont wanna say BS, but im gona say BS cuss im being a dick after reading 89 pages… sorry) If im living myself as i see myself am i still dreaming or crossing? After starting to transition, like just doing oposite clothes & wanting to be recognized in my preferred gender spaces? am i still dreaming? & then even worse on HRT when do i stop CROSS & become fully transitioning? well, here is the issue never. you are forever stuck in the limbo of the between, always wandering… dud/sis neither? LMAO! TBT?  it’s called being non-binary! enby as cutely referred is a 3rd option freeing you from the binary while still keeping some aspects of both & add the flexibility dreamers refer too. 

i love how activists from on ultra specific viewpoint always try to force their agendas on a global level, like equality for all transes! All transgenders need & want the same things.
FUCK YOU! im so far away of your like im far away from being a bio girl!
BTW? did she write a book about realizing trans is not an on/off switch???  it’s a spectrum of spectrums! spectrum of gender identity overlapping your biological gender spectrum.

like did she realize there are stages? like levels of experience we go through? does she know trans humans never stop transitioning? there is always a higher level above where you currently at & the only thing keeping you there is your choice & the effort needed to reach it! once you learn how to transition the sky is the limit!

timelines anyone? well enjoy! or not if not counter me!

i don’t know how I’d call my sailor moon fase in 1996? faps to magic girl transformations. wants to be a girl to do girly things with her friends. can’t get denied cuss Shes a boy!
or my next fase, sees first porn “shemale” actually knows what the hell she is now, why male & female gender just doesn’t fit? gets distressed as he wants to know more but its 2000… there is no more & the dark web is the light web so becomes the only reference… now enters the proverbial autogynephilic fetish!
Realizes a lifestyle as a porn shemale sucks as we get stuck in prostitution, sex trade & it just fucking seems like the worst posible idea to be one BUTT I FUCKING WANNA BE ONE!
na im not one, it’s all a lie, it’s just a fetish, i got perverted by porn. My parents, relatives & general friendship circle thinks being a shemale is sick, a depraved perversion due to drug addiction & rape… cursed by God whatever… as they openly made fun of shemales when they saw them i start to self-loath every time i purged myself falling deeper into depression.
body dysmorphia & gender dysphoria help allot when your mind starts to unbalance itself due to distorting believes about self & unresolved traumata’s & stress during uni.
resolves by going full 100% male, copy pastes everything males do & are expected to do. picks up toxic male shenanigans so he fucks every latino chick looking into my white, blue eyes.
If she said, “i love the color of your eyes!” my dick was in on autopilot. cheated my way through a 6-year relationship with the only woman who actually knew almost everything. we both agreed is a fetish.
brutal mental health breakup. meet my ex-wife. bullies me. trolls me. tell her i take dick? she makes fun of me but dicks me. tell her i wanna be a girl, calls me a pervert but encourages it & says in due time.
i didn’t realize back then but she latched on to my self-loathing & body dysmorphia. Gender dysphoria started popping up randomly.
so, I married my bully? holly hell, having a female who gets it & pushes on my fetishes? im not getting bullied she is my dom! bliss!
NOT! divorce! you aren’t a real man! I need a real man, i never said i support your depravity… your offspring has a new daddy… mandatory mental health therapy after i exploded emotionally. brutal gender dysphoria.
hypersexual mode, gets high, dresses up & just lives out the sissy porn addiction.
rehab. docs figure out something aint right, its not just droogs, there is an underlaying trauma triggering me. just like now, i just open my mouth wide & let everything flow!
WHAT? I CAN TAKE MEDS AND GROW BOOBS? taking female hormones will alter my brains chemistry to work like a real female?
diagnosed transgender & schizoaffective. LOTERY! this was 5 years ago.
does the right droogs, hypersexual mode, dresses up & just lives out the sissy porn addiction. dysphoria is gone. dysmorphia is gone. self-loathing is gone. voices in my head? here to stay but now im actually able to talk to my female self to write these weird ass writings.

so yes, im a trans female better fitting into the non-binary spectrum with autogynephilia! why? cuss the idea of me wanting to be a perfect bimbo barbie fuck doll, is idealization of self as female. hyper femenine ultra produced female but female nevertheless & im def not the female i would choose to be. Would still not getting SRS! why? cuss after starting HRT my dysphoria went away & my fetishist ass actually likes feeling i have a tiny ass limp sissy clitty never again able to penetrate a female with toxic male intentions ^^

Just cuss Pitágoras defined a math function we still use every day doesn’t make him owner of math! same reason Blanchard studies where transphobic not the definition he was trying to study!
autogynephilia? auto=self, gyne=female, philia=love means? “self-love as a female” so stop blatantly repeating some pseudo woke ass bullshit & get your science updated cuss self-love as a female is sooo far away from being transphobic it hurts!

have a nice day!






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