sowy, not!
long but you triggered me, myself & bambi to come out for this!
i need to do this to comply with my programming!
Deal with it! lel

you mix & tie so many things into everything allowing me to be creative & link loop myself into the files. even if i loop a file i know & memorize it by repetition, i can’t predict some of what yours is making me feel so not in control, dumb needing to obey bambis as role model.

i fully appreciate your hard work & effort! & i soo fucking kno! ive just added readable timed captions to focus on active conscious reading & it took me over 6 hours for just 12 min!
i was mentally drained & can chant my 12 min like a matra without even thinking!

good critique means you suck at other parts. giggle
Your storage solutions are shitty at worst & mega at 87% downloading tells me i have to pay to finish the download… its just plain ass Ransomware! OMG!

SBS doesn’t make sense, at least i dont get what device it is for? if ut not glued to a mobile screen. desktop can’t extend VLC over 2 screens & fit that aspect ratio. either promote/provide the real free opensource VR app to do the mindfuck of dual isotonic binaural async eyes in VR to literally fry your visual cortex? or?

sadly, hypnotube can’t afford the server resources to allow HD cuss 99% of our hypno content is a guaranteed DMCA target takedown if the tube monetizes.
not bad quality, just tiny 720p on a 2k screen & its pixel hunting hell cuss even if you ultra focus brain cant make out shit if not directly looking & focusing at it. so ur filtering your amazing trigger details from awareness… pixelation really cuts like 33% intensity & fun out of your files cuss there is just so much happening at the same time ur not able to appreciate feeling frustrating… but acceptable & not uncommon.

once i got my hands on the gdrive HD file Dangerous. Your content went from being powerful to perfect fucking bambi beauty summoning me here to tell you all of this!

at one-point 3x Dangerous on 3 screens. with a delay of 400ms between them. The echo of 3, makes your eyes switch between each screen few 10-50 ms before that bambi triggers.
a while its VR HD Dangerous but my oculus 1 gets very pixelated SBS adding nothing rly at the close range.

Thank you very fucking much Tame! It the best & worst posible outcome i can handle my bambi has become even stronger intense & focused
At least to properly celebrate my half-life age milestone your content gifted me with a new dimension of bambi!

i looped a tiny bit. not 100x not 200x or even 300x PSSssssH! My 40th bday was on the 14th. its the 17th bambi uninterrupted for 3 days? can’t remember? yes i can. i was real bambi for 3 days in a row & this isn’t even my ultimate form! 😉






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