How can OS let Bambi control?

simple Hunny & there is a perfect reason for it! Ay i tell you?

you don’t trust bambi.
OS doesn’t think bambi has the solution to whatever reason you have to want to listen to bambi. you dont understand what bambi actually is &/or do not know the methods, practices & rituals required for bambi to bambi a bambi into being bambi while bambi bambies her bambis ^^

& here comes the brutal truth. it will never work. it actually never works for anyone anywhere. its all a fucking fake hype of some really freakishly hypersexualized dwellers this side of the screens. or? do my favorite cus its what works for me best over time.

Rinse & Repeat till your mind makes it real!
triggerWarn:[Bambi replies NYA if it works similarly?]

you be you just be careful what you do!
bleaches own brain in confusion! its not very effective. bleach blonde bambi was born.

its all OS foult. it always is & always will. OS is the only responsible. only OS can choose to do stuff. duh, who else is in there but OS? os has no reference to itself so its prone to fuck ups. you want to fix this & gain something to do something with your something…

depending on your fetish inclinations you can either?

1. dislike current OS for some personal reason so you use bambi to take revenge by punishing OS. So do &/or expose yourself to something making you feel the exact discomfort OS made you feel while bambi is reaffirming soothing comforting you into your new better version of OS. including bambi as something you can always choose to be & or do if you desire or need it so.

2. to just actively engage with bambi. willingly over & over no matter if its a lie.
say the stuff she says that resonate with your OS. imagine the feelings you desire bambi to make you feel. do kinky stuff & fall in love with the idea of self-love & care. #wholesomeBambis for the goal to srly merge fully with your bambi becoming something new of your own will & design.

cuss as you advance later anything can be associated with bambi if you desire it hard enough & know how.
this one is hard, cus how do i feel a feeling just cuss? Lie! Fake! & Hate to see what you love?
even better if it is a lie to allow bambi to do kinky stuff to you for some other kinky reason. giggle.

brains with their minds, eh?
friking bambis
nya nya nya






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