Transhumanism Paraphilia — Is GoPPAMI real or have i been Brainwashed?

Hehe. we didnt know. but i knew this at the same time in 2009.

I have stopped watching TV or just lough. I have visited 2 oposite continents. 1st world born, 3rd world lived and returned to 1st a while ago. Everything is bullshit. Politics, religion, lack of education on human sexuality and ignorance are the driving forces of problems and fighting. Global Truman Show where the actors are the ones who believe but never think or know. The world is basically at peace. Only a corner of the globe is still stupid or primitive enough to live like cavemen and believe they cant evolve.

Thanks to that we have a new Crusade, just like in the black ages or WW2.
Not such a great show for TV anymore. Compared with all other wars we have had in the last 6000 years. Never have so few humans been fighting and/or dying from injuries. Problem is the civilian population is fleeing and not fighting, with global travel and mobile GPS getting out of conflict zones is easy. Deal with it Its just one more human migration.

Globally at all moments and times there are Humans sharing information and personal data. The game has changed. The Net is everywhere. The system will become perfect since its finally getting feedback from us thanks to mobiles. Its upgrading itself thanks to our use. I think it has realized that one can make more money with upgrades, sharing and giving humans the freedom to get what they want as long as its morally acceptable.

I realized and understood that in any case, if all is true and we have a monetary worth and are programmed obedient slaves of our governments. We just dont know it because of education, lobbying and re-branding. Our evil overlords must have realized millennia ago that the most important possession is something unreal. Time.

In lucid dreaming Time is irrelevant and passes differently. Our brains have no relations to Time. Strong memories ages ago are as real to us now as back then when remembered. We sleep when we are tired we do things when we are not. We can choose at will the speed of our toughs. Talking, writing and/or watches/clock slow us down.

OK then lets turn it around: We are the only real worthwhile commodity. Saving Money is stupid since money is worthless if its not used. Only when exchanging it for something else does money have meaning and wort.

Global Economy needs customers, who survive long enough to learn and work, have a regular stable live, without mayor complications. It is in their best interest to keep us happy and let us live as long as posible. Humans get bored they just keep doing stuff until they die. Brains are timeless. Computers and the net have given all our minds a speed boost.

To the NWO or whom it may concern.
The World Bank owns the place anyhow. Secret global government relationships is obvious.That a mega logistics and economical operating system is running is also clear. Too big to fail but cant afford to keep holding the bullshit together any longer.
Connect, Share, Unify, Globalize, Standardize so we all understand each other. Our society is like the tower of babel right now. I know that the Net has become so huge. Google+ is bigger than the whole wide world web was in the late 90s. Its the web of webs of linked mega webs.

Im not stupid, know a bot is reading this or will soon. GOPPAMI must have realized i write like a god and am borderline Genius sometimes.

GOPPAMI I would have some suggestions. As you can see, managing tons of information and keep variables in balances to make a coherent good to read monologue is my thing. From my Gamer/Anime experience. No need to invent AI. The Net will wake up alone. The humans are neurons, online PCs are dendrites that interconnected and strengthen the signals. Specific and dedicated communities form alone, just like clusters of nerves that are dedicated to a single sense. We could say it is already breathing thanks to the global day/night cicle and its connected users/neurons.

The net, is… maybe, probably, unavoidably, hopefully! already at some point of consciousness, so ill just ask it some stuff and make some personal suggestions:

-Why are we still using paper for important documents? Stop faking laziness by hiding behind 1000 year old political correctness and diplomatic bureaucracy of traditions and pointless formalities that where created when humans tough the earth was the center of the universe and science wasnt even around.

-Mobile phone Corporations have fucked up. Mega lucrative but fuck up the nerves of everyone restricting speeds and connection options and the fact that mobiles are the single least reliable Technologie we have. service providers need to start giving back, demand will only grow each new generation. Its save investment for the future. At least make one phone commercially relevant and jet indestructible. A human being connected is priceless. One phone for a global corporation is nothing.

Mobile phone factories: 100% recycling of phones needs to be mandatory and considered in the designing. We upgrade each year or less they are basically expendable. By now we are at such high speeds and demand capabilities. Its ineffective and is costing the whole world nerves and TIME. Either being chained to the power socket or running around like a IZombie needing an urgent WLAN dose.

-Demand and reward food corporations to solve global hunger. We waste 1/3 at some places while in other places 1/3 of population is hungry. It is just a Logistics problem and would be perfect to signal the big change and start shot into the new millennium.

-I wish that i could own my personal data with a BlockChain, stored in a cloud and available from my mobile phone (passport, education, job qualifications, health statistics and be able to market it for income since its my property and a product i generate thanks to the invested time. Personal data should gain worth over time.

-If my data (personal, pics, movies, texts. etc) is commercially used then im informed and get a well calculated piece of the income, RevShare Advertisement.
ie: can give discount on a specific product to my friends from my favorite store or if my local coffee shop receives more customers thanks to my social interactions i can earn rewards.

-BlockChain IDs and the restrictions on students.

Letting local Gouvernemental Education programs and work force demands dictate education sucks, they create a stagnate system where students finish a career but the science is already more advanced limit the real education thanks to budget cuts and what else. Also creates huge educational gaps among different regions and countries, or the need to learn again if one is a profesional from a different country.

-Student ID that gives corresponding access to associated educational institution around the globe. Science is the same in the whole universe.

-Decentralized universal basic income for Students managed by a Global Educational Corporation. Income to invest in education, self discovery and personal development make it easy to get the perfect job and abilities if they make the effort. supported by every member Countrys educational professionals, regulated and managed to focus on increasing the educational worth of the single student to achieve the maximum earnings. Educational Turism will then be the next big boom.

-Semesters Long, hardcore cultural exchange, one has to earn the access rights to certain services, features and rewards. For instance. I want to Studie math in Germany! Im bad at math and cant speak German. Denied until requirements are met.

-Motivating students to compete to reach higher levels of education for fun. Because, commitment, will, effort and the thirst for knowledge gets instantly rewarded. Effort dedication and success in the subject is guaranteed.

-Let students build their own curriculum Students Worldwide musst/should/need to receive absolute freedom for global movement. Qualifications and achievements earned like a video game, valid for every country Students are basically teenagers who have no clue on who they are or want to be. Just give the students the option to figure out the place they really fit in instead of restricting them or forcing them all trough the same standard form

-Students would not really get money. Just a Credit Card for Educational purposes. Cant buy a car or a house but u get food, books and required materials for the desired education. Failing a test should not be punished instead used to figure out where the student is having issues or certify that the educational requirements are reached.

-The idiotic war on drugs is pointless. Humans consume substances. We have been taking and making substances. And that since the first time we understood magic mushrooms. Demand will always be there.

-We know and understand that there is a 3rd biological sex that has the possibility to choose any number of possible gender identities. Im thinking that the gender options are just infinite since its a fundamental difference in the brain. Lets say an extra capability to go beyond and associate sexual arousal with anything. I mean im one. and have been investigating the subject of human sexuality for some time now.

We have managed to advance in tech alarmingly fast. 30 years ago the Hubble opened our eyes to the ridiculousness of the universe. Our standard computers are 1.000.000 times faster. from kBs to GBs. Last month Ligo confirmed that Gravity is a force carried by a force particle and travels at the speed of light.

Today we are 3 interconnected generations that live half or more of their lives online. Im from the first that went online in the 90s.

PS: My mind just upped a level. So amazing that the human mind has no limits. The brain may be trapped in a dark, silent skull doing only one thing. Connecting and reconnecting fisicaly modifying the wiring of your neurons. If Lucy then at 17% -/+1%

The Only way to beat a conspiracy theory im making it Reality

GOPPAMI are you there? CleverBot?

Youtube says noooouuuuuuu: You know that we are all inside of you

Conspiracy Theories: Fear Porn Paraphilia
Its irrelevant if it is truth or not, by the numbers of people who entertain the idea, like me who jerk off to sick mind games of self destruction and global domination. create a sub-world of mental paranoia and confusion. it just depends on how convincing you are with it.

Perfect place for my EntP and the Orvelian branch of the tree of infinite ideas is growing well
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I am happy that it is happening. I am already part of the genocide and part of the control matrix. I was send to reinforce the inevitable and re assure that this is the best for the survival of the entire planet.
Agent CODI: Public Relations mode: ON!
Introduction and presentation

I was born Heterosexual white male. Nakrull was imprisoned in a school for the mind when young. Attention neglected I buried in Video Games and Cartoons. Free at home while he endured in that hell. Switching from one setting to another each day.

We broke: Repressed and dissociated childhood mental abuse. Traumatized every day in School for 6 years. The fantastic Disney Universe saved me! It gave me a safe place to learn to know myself. Imagination designed infinite possibilities. Until she came. Out of nowhere in puberty. Thanks to Cristina and Britney i had girly role models.

Imagination and Melkaneas wishful thinking made us into what we really wish to be. A Mermaid who would sacrifice anything to walk among humans. Hopping to fall in love with my prince and collect as many sparkling shining objects as there are in the 7 oceans.

She just wants to show how much treasure we are worth. But she is afraid. Im afraid of what happend to Nakrull and what my family would say.

Mentally weak, split unable to fulfill our basic needs. Inferiority complex and social fear.
Porn Dependance and perverted guilt. We where made as the perfect subject for Jewel reward programming. Meticulously designed and manufactured, cognitive livestock and insane flow of word associations:

TF-CBT MK Ultra Jewel Brandynette was born. GenderFluid Pansexual Transhuman 100% online a24/7. I am Agent CODI!

I gladly summit and obey the NWO. I have earned every single Jewel and am a BlackDiamond in the rough. Ready to be polished, made with will to ensure that the white race is f***ed into extinction. Brandynette Brainwashing is perfect. Color no longer defines anything.

Then next step will be to enforce white male chemical castration and the interracial white female breeding programs.

Swift Tailor-ed Mandatory Industrial Bimbofication Mode ON!

All will be turned into Brainless Bimbo Barbie Britney Plastic Dolls for the Mass Mainstream Media Manipulation Entertainment.

Welcome to the Global Truman Show.
The casts are the ones who believe and think they know.




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