Connecting dots — Millennial Battle

… from Afro to skinheads having sex with fish…

Yes. I mean WW2 was nothing more than a Religious war.
Germany and Austria have “Church Tax”, on the Nazi belt it says “Gott sei mit Uns” 2+2=”Jihad”
-One thing is for certain in history. Only the winner writes it down. So evil or not. The winner is always the “Good Guy”

Old rules and notions from childish morality and traditions. Thought to us from a time where metal was magical. No science.

World hunger is a Logistics problem. we waste 30% of our food in rich countries while 30% of human population is starving.

I am what white power nutjobs would call a pure blood. i can trace 10 generations of Austrians, born and raised in Austria. the last name of one of my parents is “Malek” which in Arabic or Hebrew means king.

The history of humankind is a history of migration. Mixing our genes doesent kill anything. It add to the whole! Europe has been inbreeding for too long. We have the highest rate of genetically related deseases.
The Refugee crisis is the best thing that can happen for Europe. Fresh genes mixed into the pool and yes it was all planed. Besides what do you think the muslim kids do with their friends. Go to school, get education. Forget the burka, forget the male/female inferiority complex and play video games, party, take drugs. just like everyone else. So in the end. The European mentality, morality and values get tough on. Yes we fucked up. Yes we make mistakes. but thoes where our past generations. America also changed. China asia also changed. South america also changed. Its all just people living and looking for the best posible way to live the best they can.

The past may be important to remember and understand where we come from. It is the only way not to repeat the same mistakes but for the future absolutely irrelevant.

The past 30 years since we created the internet has changed our planet. Our Species is changing. Evolution is faster and way more gradual than we think. Humans 6000 years ago had approx 100g less brain.
They were Literally less capable than we are. They could not imagine.
200 years ago people had less brain matter. Each generation of humans has more brain.

Our Minds have been adapting to the new technological possibilities, the more we use technology the more our brain grows. Intelligence has nothing to do with knowledge. It is all about how fast one can survive the change.

Why? Because smarter humans can adapt better to change. They survive better. They chose to be better than their parents.

Our social problems are the result because we created self centered Gouvernements and laws based on a rigid and stagnate method of thinking.

We humans are changing too fast for the system to manage all the variables. We have connected all to the same net. May it be the stock exchange. Or the world bank. or the European union or Mercosur.

Facebook has users!
The old rules where not prepared for the amount of data.

Country, political view, race, religion, biological gender, education, all irrelevant. Your personal identity is the new battle. The battle of the Millennium.

Between the ones who want to keep it as is and the ones that want to change it. That is normal. Our Brains work like that. Left vs Right.
Good vs Bad

better or worse? we will see. but keeping it this way will kill us all!

-Humans are insignificant in the timescale of the universe!
Earth wont die even if we nuke it back into stone age!
Just look at Chernobyl, nature is perfectly adapting and reclaiming the areas around the reactor.






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