Brandynette´s entire Online Presence at one place!

This is Brandynette´s entire Online Presence at one place!

What i do and want: The Fetlifer Tales of BrandyPhilias — The Brainless Bimbo Barbie Bambi Bonnie Brat Brandynette!

This is Brandynette´s entire Online Presence at one place!

What i do and want:
The Fetlifer Tales of BrandyPhilias — The Brainless Bimbo Barbie Bambi Bonnie Brat Brandynette!

Im a Content Creator! Im an Adult Model! Im a Entrepreneur of Human Sexuality! Im a perverted little Sissy Bimbo Slut!

I love making Sissy Bimbo Barbie porn! I love to Brainwash myself and others!
so well trained and mentally programmed to serve all the desires of big hard cocks and/or pussies who dare and have the power to keep me under control!

Im mean come on, im Pansexual, if you are human lets fuck! Mentally physically emotionally spiritually! when 2 horny humans get together only pleasure comes out and its one of the most binding and beautifull experiences you will ever find on this planet! Forget what you are believing in, Merge with one another and fuck each others brains out!

Im heavy into the BDSM, I will eventually be collared by my future master and then the Full Bimbofication of my body will occur! Huge ass tits, pink lips blonde hair and a nice ass! Come on Master turn me into you Bimbo Barbie Fuck doll!

Master are you out there looking for me? Please come and collar me already! I want to be upgraded for your absolute pleasure!

Obedience is Pleasure!

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Members have complete access to my site
Participate on Free and Private Life Cam Shows, ask me to do things you would not dream asking someone else! Lets Schedule a Live Cam Show, public or private and let me entertain your deepest fetishes! I will record it, upload it to my site so you can re watch it all the times you want!

Lets Role Play!
You can write and comment on my Blog, Our gameplay will stay there forever or until you decide to take it down. I HOPE NOT!, be proud of your kink’s! You could even share it on Facebook! GIGGLE!

Free Members Content Store
Unlock the 1080p 60fps quality only found at my site! FOREVER! Once unlocked its yours to watch all the times you want! Only you to brag for having seen it!

Almost all of my content is available for FREE at our favourite Adult Tubes, it has to be really special for me to expect something in exchange!

I mean, I like $$$ like the next one, jet… its not the reason why i do it, i love making porn for the heck of making porn! Sissy Bimbo Army for Global World Domination is my Goal!!!MMMUUUUAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!

Since im the proud owner of a tiny stuio Im seriously saving for VR or 4k!

Some Nutrients are always appreciated!
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Twitch Steam

BimboNation Game/Forum/Dress-up
Internet Republic of BIMBOLANDS

My Patreon and WordPress are still a work in progress!

One can say im testing how good stuff works in the net. All but one thing may change over time.
My Sissy Bimbo Princess Friendly will never go away!
This will be my page in History. Saved and buried in the Net after im long gone.
If all my effort plants one single seed and it grows i have done my part.
It wont be one seed, im #droppingthemallovertheplace
Either grow or perish, not my call i just make the seeds.

[Seed=Idea] Cus i talk Plant!

Earth is like a tree and has made millions of different seeds of life, now it has created a new kind of seed, US! We could fly to Mars and plant stuff there. Life seeks out for Life!

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Was it worthwhile hanging around my stuff?
I have food, water, a roof, a job AND THE NET!!! 😉
Everything i receive will be spend growing this weird ass tree of an idea.

Have i convinced you to drop me some coins?

Am i worthy of your rewards?


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Yours Hornily Brainless Bimbo Barbie Bambi Bonnie Brandy Brat!

Today is the 13–08–2018!
I submitted my profile to Mia, senior account manager at Pornhub! If approved i will earn the Title of PORNSTAR and have my own ranking at Pornhub! Wish me luck!







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