Sissy Hypnosis – The Trans Industry’s Golden Goose



giggle! so cute! so inocent!
i figured this out in 2017 already. it hit me like a train to the face.
i was always fantasising about bein a girl, i jerked off wearing & sniffing used panties i stole from the girls gym lockers all the time.

with 16 i found the wiki “List of Paraphilias” & was jerking off to the weirdest fetisches. i was porn addicted way before pornhub. the web 1.0 was really full of sick shit, its like the dark web is the surface web & you can find everything uncensored if you knew the definitions!

when my first sissy hypno sissymaker from emperorhypnos hit i think i jerked off to it for a week straight!
same year i signed up to the pornhub model program in 2018 they upgraded my account to pornstar called brandynette.

im no superstar, sadly cuss i dont live in america but still, i exist, im friking amasin cuss i continuously guide, tutor & jerk off noob sissies who wanna go al the way but dont wanna fuck up their lives!

i dont think is explicitly masochistik, its detrimental if you fill your brain with ultra extreme mindfuckers & their creators agenda if your intention is destroying yourself!

be mindfull of what you watch, go mindless once you watch it!
i think that a great depthening of the rabbit hole would be the sub reddit r/bambisleep

where a bimbo barbie doll brainwashes you into becoming her, yes you go numb & dumb & want to suck cock but if you think about it you dont wanna be thinking about your male self & all your shortcomings & failures while trying to enjoy the sexual pleasure you have always desired. Being treated as a girl while you a sucking a cock!

my current vanilla boyfriend dosent mind me chanting bimbofication mantras as long as im having fun pleasing him!

there are seriously worse case scenarios than a random sissy hypno, like the really fucked up real life hypnos literally telling you to change your lifestyle in favour of some psychopathic mainstream agenda. like going to war & killing each other, at least with sissy hypnos, if ur honest from the start & actually go trough with it you will end up enjoying your friking sexuality again!

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The process of “sissification” (becoming a sissy), which is the ultimate goal of sissy hypno (to hypnotize the viewer into “feminine” contortions), is explicitly sadomasochistic:

“a process where submissive men learn to take on traditionally female roles. The submissive, known as a sissy, learns to adopt ultra-feminine behaviors and perform feminine activities under the guidance of his Dominant partner.”

The viewer learns how to “get fucked,” “take dick,” “suck dick,” etc.

The male genitals of the sissy are termed the “clitty” and the anus becomes the new “pussy” – which exists, in sissy ideology, for the singular purpose of pleasing men:

“to be sissy is always to lose your mind. The technical term for this is bimbofication. Captions often instruct viewers to submit themselves to hypnosis, brain-washing, brain-melting, dumbing down, and other techniques for scooping out intelligence.”

-Andrea Long Chu

Powerlessness is a major theme. According to trasgender academic Andrea Long Chu – who himself claims that sissy hypno “made him trans” — sissy porn functions as a type of “metapornography” in which the viewer becomes aware of the psychological effects of the content they are absorbing through the medium:

“Sissy porn’s central conceit is that the women it depicts are in fact former men who have been feminized (‘sissified’) by being forced to wear makeup, wear lingerie, and perform acts of sexual submission. Captions further instruct viewers to understand that the very act of looking at sissy porn itself constitutes an act of sexual degradation, with the implication that, whether they like it or not, viewers will inevitably be transformed into females themselves.”

Sissy hypno, in this way, is beyond porn for the sake of mindless consumption; it is perhaps unique among porn genres in that its creators have an explicit agenda.

The central idea is that you, the target of the meme – usually an adolescent or 20-something, confused (as most young people are), sexually frustrated, nominally heterosexual male – have always been a woman deep inside. The proposition is that, until sissy hypno came along to tell you who who are, you had no idea of your true nature.

Cui bono? Who benefits from transforming huge swathes of the male population “into women”? Certainly not the men themselves; web forums are awash with stories of addiction, destroyed marriages, and regret from men who have been sucked into the sissy hypno vortex. One such addict offered a colorful framing of the sissy hypno: “heroin of porn and pure unadulterated evil.”

What industries stand to benefit from the “sissification” of the thousands (perhaps millions) of men who have undergone “forced feminization” at the command of faceless voices that narrate sissy hypno videos?

  • Porn platforms. Porn conglomerate Mindgeek — “one of the top five bandwidth consumption companies in the world” – owns and operates Pornhub, YouPorn, Redtube,, and TrannyTube. Sissy hypno content is found on all of these platforms. MindGeek generated $460 million in revenue in 2018. Countless other “boutique” sites like HypnoTube generate tens of thousands of pageviews each day.

To put the competitive power of the porn industry in terms of grabbing and keeping the average internet user’s attention in perspective, from November to December 2020, “more people searched ‘Pornhub’ than ‘coronavirus’ or ‘Trump’.’”

According to reporting from multiple outlets, MindGeek’s “better-known financial backers… include JPMorgan Chase, Cornell University and Fortress Investment Group, a New York-based investment management firm.” The bottom line is that porn generates substantial enough revenue to justify multi-million-dollar investments from the most elite institutions in the world.

And, unlike other genres of porn, sissy hypno has the added benefit of direct, traceable correlation to additional consumption habits that we will explore below.

The 6-hour “Femme Essentials” course fetches the academy $1,386 from the men who enroll.

  • The cosmetics industry itself with specific makeup products marketed to transgender men.
  • The hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and sex change industry. Transgenderism is big money for the medical industry:

“The U.S. sex reassignment surgery market size was valued at USD 267.0 million in 2019 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14.4% from 2020 to 2027. The rising incidences of gender dysphoria and the increasing number of people deciding for gender confirmation surgeries are expected to boost market growth over the forecast period.”

Sissy hypnosis porn frequently and persistently demands that its viewers actively pursue “feminization” by undergoing some combination of HRT and gender reassignment to “complete the transition” into womanhood.

As a relatively new phenomenon, the long-term sociocultural effects of sissy hypno “metaporn” that actively solicits adherents to make dramatic, life-altering medical decisions remain to be seen.

Given what little experience we have with this new form of cyber-coercion, though, the precautious conclusion is that the sky is the limit in terms of the collateral damage:

“I increasingly would have automatic thoughts as soon as I saw a woman. I would see a girl and immediately think ‘slut’. If they said or did anything, it would really irritate me and if I saw them fall over or have something bad happen to them, I would laugh. I would also have the urge to hit them, call them a stupid bitch or a dumb cunt. Any time a woman complained about something I wouldn’t care, I would just be like ‘well you should have done x differently’.”

In industry jargon, the unanticipated negative byproducts of economic activity are termed “externalities” – in the case of sissy hypno, financial ruin, self-loathing and misogyny, among others.

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