Human Sexuality -Socially uncomfortable?

Mental Health &Human Sexuality “Socially uncomfortable”

“This entire story was triggered and fueled by a mother who beat her tenager after she found them watching porn. The teenager had a mental…

Mental Health &Human Sexuality “Socially uncomfortable”

“This entire story was triggered and fueled by a mother who beat her tenager after she found them watching porn. The teenager had a mental health diagnosis, mother ignored medicine and blames porn for corrupting her child’s soul. Teenager Commits suicide. {First degree Murder by ignorance and neglect! GUILTY!}”


…or so I thought until I started writing.

With 9 i was already masturbating because I knew how to get the “good feeling” Happen on its own, humping pillows. Early puberty and late teens where shitty,

I was kinda very different, not up to “others expectations” as male.

Won’t forget it, friday, all at parties, I gaming alone as usual, got bored, “looked” for Porn {cus no google}

That one file showed me in 10 seconds. what I was asking for years. Saw my first transgender female. Doubt gone, knew exactly what i was!

Out of fear I made the mistake of bottling my sexuality up. In a secure, hidden away, solitary place. My ex girl outed me, bullied me until the frustration became unbearable. I locked myself in my room, food, drinks, games, ex girlfriends clothes, makeup and porn. Best freedom revenge masturbation ever!!!!

Moral of the story?

It’s also called hypersexuality, you can’t take it anymore, all your sexual frustration pours out until your brain is too tired or the neurotransmitters stabilize.

It’s similar to a Manic episode of Bipolar Disorder.

Moral of the story 2?

Porn is the natural artistic expression of our animalistic lust.

It is better to get rid of doubts and confusions by creating awareness and understanding. Hiding, ignoring, repressing, denying needs and desires of our normal human sexuality ends up by hurting someone you actually love.

Moral of the story 3?

It is a Mental Health Experience Blog Post! Im Schizoaffective.


Found out was Trans as teen, came out with 30, after an everlasting battle against depressions, symptoms that made it impossible to function normally, so I failed many times achieving my goals, finished university but not the one I wanted, I barely was able to finish, then came self medication leading to addiction, that ended up in the ICU.

At least I didn’t end up sucking dick for coke like so many of us hypersexual trans fuckdolls who get baited by shame and turn to religion denying and hating their true nature… dunno which one of them is the most autodestructive.

Moral of the Story 4?

When hypersexal its easy to asociate self worth with the attention received while pleasing. Exactly the same mechanism as drugs reinforcing, hypersexual faces increasing the lust for more and more. No one goes from sane to insane, it a repeating circle of damaging the same part of ourselves over and over again.

For the bigger part of my life have i not been properly treated. I could have avoided many shitty things if helped during puberty. im 35. At least 25 years has this mental Tug-of-War been going on. I have all kinds of strategies and tricks developed to help me overcome hard faces. They work for me, not perfect, to be able to live as normally as possible.

Some perks make me immune to all kinds of nonsense dipshits with a bad day throw at you. Some perks just lost something important but i dunno what?

Probably my filter, certainty of my thoughts and reality is debatable. My way of using word when stressed is like throwing nukes at a knife fight. When cornered in a honey badger with the original ego. like “there was my ego then appeared the universe”, kind of self absorbed.

Moral of the Story 6 2/3 ?

My strategies are unique but still applicable as a starting umbrella. Giggle!

“How-to make a bad place in your life a good one.”

-If you feel something is weird with you and it’s a regular thing happening. ASK, READ, LEARN, get a big picture, talk about it with others, if it’s just to trat you for a day with a friend.

– Your intelligence is valid. You know yourself better than anyone! Psychiatrist need your general self diagnosis as a reference. it also helps them figure out which don’t apply cus ur over doing it and they notice. LMAO!

-dismiss pseudo science, burn the home remedies, meditation, yoga, and all that forced positivity, it won’t scratch it if ur manically depressed or hallucinating your entire family tree in the living room.

-emotionally destroy humans giving these tips like “others have it worse.” “ur just not giving it all” “it’s not so bad” “a walk in the woods will clear everything up”, “ur not thankful enough for what you have”, “ur bored and want attention”

– Eliminate all toxic humans in your life ASAP!. even your parents or partners or children or whatever you are dependant on. They wouldn’t hurt you if they really loved and respected you.

-Depression can be cured! Stop wasting time!

-Get real help, get real treatment, be real patient and really work on your own tricks, remember “the stigma is worse than the symptoms.’’

-don’t be afraid to transition. Hurt who you have to hurt. piss of who you have to piss off. if they choose their superficial discomfort over your happiness then get rid of them!

Success story?

I survived 25 years without treatment. After a mayor scenery change. Literally SA to EU. I returned to my own country. Got my diagnosis, therapy, the meds kicked in my life started changing for the better. I was finally ready to enjoy my life again. I overcame my trans-self-hate-trauma. Stuff started working out again, i gained enough willpower and stability so i went all the way! “I’m Trans and love it!” Let’s do this shit! Took me 3 years to get my paperwork approved by the insurance.

I started HRT 3 months ago


ill just fake it till I make it!

Closing the loop and getting back to the start. I never overcame my hypersexuality, nor my love for porn. I dont want too either, I trained it and channel all into creativity and empathy towards the subject of human sexulity.

Ohh yeah, I forgot to mention about 2 years ago, i made my hobby into my career. Giggle.

my strongest perk? I have no shame whatsoever!

jup you guest it, ima Pornstar. I have never been happier to have found my true ability.

way too many know me, still call me awesome, unstopably share their unfiltered flood of dickpics while begging me to please their pure animal lust to fuck me brainless!






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