Halloween Sissification by Brandynette

Halloween Sissification by Brandynette

For Pornhub Discord Owner Demi

Halloween Sissification by Brandynette

For Pornhub Discord Owner Demi

On a Freezing October night in Austria, literally Halloween, I was trying out my new Cage while recording it for Pornhub.

While putting on the ring i heard a loud crack at my door. Neighbours like usual, or so i thought and kept on fitting the chastity cage onto my balls and cock.

Suddenly there was another crack at the door, it startled me, I jumped and I squeezed my left ball hard…The pain made me forget the loud noise at the door… after I recovered my breath and focused i finally go the cage on when i hear a third very frightening noise.

Something isn’t right here, even my neighbours aren’t that loud and who the hell would bother me at this time?
I slowly walk up to the front door when a rock solid dildo punches through it!
It leaves hole and when i see a red bright eye staring at me through the hole! 
An evil maniacal laughter can be heard, im freaking out but can’t move an inch!
Terrified looking at the door another dildo punches trough. 
Now i can see both eyes staring at me like I was prey. im frozen, can’t move, cant speak, want to scream but it is impossible the eyes just hypnotise me!

Another toy punches through the door, and another and another, more and more holes, my door is falling apart when i hear the single most scary voice I have ever heard:

“I have come for your sissy ass and will turn you into a real girl!”
“A good Girl! 
“An obedient Girl!” 
“Now open the door for me slut!”

My body moves on its own,I try to resist but i’m under her control, there is nothing I can do and open the door!

A brutally beautiful woman with hellish eyes is standing in front of me and commands me:
“Get down on your knees and open wide for my perfect vagina!”
“This is what you really want, don’t you?”

I mumble with her pussy lips around my mouth, “Yesh mmmiftreff”
Am i sucking her or is she sucking me? 
The pussy juices the most amazing thing I have ever tasted, i can’t stop, i don’t want to stop, i need more as i get into a horny cunt sucking frenzy something weird starts happening to my body, my nipples become really sensitive, my chest hurts and breasts start to grow.

“The longer you suck the bigger they will get! ” says Demi. 
This throws me into an even deeper frenzi, i suck as hard as i can
My breasts grow and grow, first a tiny A cup, then a B and C, 
I don’t stop, I can’t stop, this is my chance, my chance to get the bimbo tiddies i have always wanted and dreamt about!

Demi stops me when my breats reach the perfect fuck doll size, a perfect DD, I would have keept going, the taste, the feeling, the frenzy!

“Well done slut!” she said “Now comes the next step, taking away your pointless manhood!” 
“I like your cage, but when im done with you you wont need it anymore!”

Her hand grabs my genitals, she starts to squeeze the cage, its solid steel, its bending in her hand, I feel the pressure and it’s starting to hurt terribly and I scream in agony while i cum. 
She waits until i’m done ejaculating and brutally pulls, she just janks everything out.
My balls, my dick, all are torn out. I’m beyond pain when i see her crushing my ripped out genitals in her hand maniacally laughing at my suffering.

“Know what comes next?” Demi asks me pointlessly since i can’t even breathe. 
She shows me the same dildo that punched holes through a solid wooden door and says “Get on all fours” don’t know how but I comply and get on all 4s, i know what she will do now but there is nothing I can do, I just accept my fate and arch my back showing my butt to her.

I feel the dildo against my tiny asshole. She pushes it in without any consideration. Pain is no longer relevant at this point.
I can feel it all the way up there, its pushing against the end of my intestines and Demi says:
“Bye Bye Whore!”

With a single trust she rips the toy through me, it comes out of my mouth, im impaled, trough and trough. From ass to mouth has a total new meaning for me now…
As i fade away se says “You won’t get off this easy see you next Halloween you sissy bimbo whore! Next time ill carve you up like pumpkin”

I wake up, hearth in my throat, bathed in sweat, it was all a dream! It never happened, I take a deep breath in relieve and then i see them;

The DD bimbo fuckdoll tits are still there! I check my genitals. They are there but tiny and worthless. Just a little limp sissy clitty that won’t be able to please anyone.

I realize now that she said she will come back next Halloween, that it will all happen again in a year! 
Strangely this is turning me on really hard and i jizz as i have never jizzed before and pass out in ecstasy.

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