BNWO or the Black New World Order 

***its adult entertainment, im Pansexual, ur color might contrast nicely with my ass but is irrelevant as long as u can use ur dick properly! 
 Even though some may come into play as part of the fantasie,not a fucking political or social statement!
 its an ear rape, a weirdly touchy subject cus its a brutal trigger escalation, it uses harsh language,is offensive and is designed to provoke the anger of black males to enslave feminize and abuse white males***
Subjects include but not limited to
#BNWO #BBCslut #Sissification #Feminization #Submission #Brainwash #Humiliation #SexChange #MindFuck #cbt #BlackSupremacy #bbcbreeding #whitegenocide #WhiteSlaves ***

now that all the BS is out of the way

Got the order from a superior BBC as a request video, was horny, high and had no idea how to create the file!
Honestly, mediocre at best, succs in several parts, i made it in less than 3 hours. Deleted it from Pornhub and Xvideos cus I went too far with words, needed to add some warnings and comments so i decided to remove them to avoid irrelevant conflict. 
But now im conflicting! Deal with it!

My Follower at HypnoTube EuropeAsCountry wrote 22 hrs ago, on my CustomVideo for the BNWO.

Whites should be wiped out of the world. As a European I wish the EU as a state all countries in there should be breaked up and mixed. Full open borders to replace aus by superior black and brown people. The EU should make new rules, that white woman has more rights then white males and are only allowed to have sex with colorful people. And make a atleast one colorful baby, to replace us toxic racist whites, would that be not wonderful 🙂 White male should have less rights than women and are only getting rights if they change gender to a white woman. They are like white woman only to be allowed to marry up colorful people 🙂 All white boys should be by “Rule” feminized and brainwashed in special classes in school and kindergarten, that its bis priority to be a woman and replace the racist white scum out of the world!!!!!! If there is a political party like it, I would elect it, it would be such a beautiful colorful non racist world.

Awesome! Ur a hardcore BNWO member! Love it!
What exactly are you? “White” for sure, european also, assuming male but deeply sissified so ur little clitty ds not count anymore!

Forget the Politics, the immigration waves past years were all planned to refresh our inbred genetic code, forget ur inferior opinions and statements, focus on sexuality no politician will ever dare to touch the subject of hardcore Fetishes like the BNWO just get fucked by big black masters, get brainwashed into your own perfect version to please BBC.

One single thing will i require from you EuropeAsCountry, not being racist or mobbing kids cus of their color should be taught from early on. BUTT and this is a big BUTT!!! 
Im very, very, very against the idea of this subject to be shown in any way to underage humans. It might appeal to me gifting/offering my 18 year old offsprings and/or partners like a wife to the black masters, but they must be of legal age and enjoy the fetish. 

Remember its, BDSM, our fetish, we are willingly submitting to the Brainwash and Mindfcukery.

Sooooooooo this is me!

I am a Mass Media Manipulated Disney Princess who was Indoctrinated from a young age using Mk-Ultra Monarch Jewel Conditioning by Disney Role Models like Britney Spears, Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande, when they became adults i was Hypersexualized using Sex Kitten Programing, legal substances, forced indoctrination and Trauma Behavioral Conditioning. It created my alter ego, a sex object designed for adult entertainment the #Amateur #Pornstar #Sissy #Bimbo @Brandynette” property of the Porn Industry. 

If u really liked something about the file, i will gladly accept requests to remake it, with new content, triggers and ill add it for free 

if u decide to support me, please use my PornHub Fanclub! ur specific details are included of course, no need to make a custom request. just text me! 

Horny as Fuck regards! Enjoy ur human sexuality, dont hurt urself or others when fapping ur brains out! 






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