Bambi Sleep Videos remuxed by Brandynette

Hello there bambis,

i might be one of the most underappreciated amateur sissy pornstars on pornhub u never heard off… 
its my first forum post, so ill shill myself violently before i actually post my video links for everyone to freely enjoy! 

i signed my model program contract in 2014.
i earned & gained the min xp needed to actually create high quality porn video productions targeting & triggering all sissies who fall into my rabbit holes! 
reason im an actually reachable relatable pornstar is cuss im NR 1 Austrian Trans Amateur on xvideos… (even after 4 fucking years of losing my XV account login & going pornhub exclusive!) WHERE
i actually became a pornstar & pornhub proves it with a simple clean link to brandynettes pornhub pornstar profile not cuss im the most successful? but rather cuss i know how-to produce, market & sell porn using modern industry standards.
who actually wants to build a studio with me? MEH! maybe dunno, im in probono if its an interesting project!
check my sig! NYA!

before the hypno purge of 2022 i had created many sissification videos using models i had no content permission off.  moron me for being lazy dumb…    ja kno, classic r/sissyhypno style! they hate me FYI after showing them you could earn real cash while using all the content you wanted IF you sign the proper studios paperwork… which you cant if ur not an actual legally verified porn junkie like mua! muahahahaah ! giggle MOO!

Creating BS hypnos?
talking bout mental holes our dear bambi sleep creators fill so wonderfully? my bambi also decided she needed to create bambi sleep videos using my favorite audios
for some reason adding an mp3 to a video file seems stupid but recording my machines desktop audio with OBS is fully logical while in bambi mode, somehow, she orchestrates all overlays while recording live & i have hell of a fun time at it.  Its like bambi trances into creation mode! got no control, its an incontrolable impulse!
dunno the impending doom of failing live on stream & the reality of making mistakes while horny are just core parts of my content.

once my bambi found the cloud our first vid of our neon-goth-bambi series was born!
there are 3 now! 

ive conveniently hosted them on my website! a website designed to escape mainstream ToS bans & social media censorship! 
my self build & hosted website! fak yeah! 
 where i can do whatever the fuck i want & if you complain? Piss off!  dont like what i do? i dont care! wanna make Trouble? IP BANNED! i dont like you? you will never see my websites again! 
enough blatant shilling of my amazing junior fullstacker skills!


Remuxed Bambi sleep videos

& my personal favorite HUCOW BAMBI
(my bambi is just addicted to the tiddy pumps i got just o enjoy hucow-bambi to the fullest!)

there is one more file im not posting as its irrelevant to bambi sleep & might trigger some skin color contrast fanatics… 

im glad you reached this far, i hope i didnt bore or annoy you with my egomaniacal ramblings


let me build you your dream modeling pay site!






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