Asked To Enter Male Changing Room

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But it was me who asked!

So this week I was trying to find new clothes and I finally settled to shirts (like bralettes, can’t really describe them) and a black jacket. I also took pair of wide pants and the look was fantastic!

The thing is that changing rooms were crowded. I was hungry and tired a bit so I just could not stand to wait. On the other side I saw Male changing rooms. Nobody was around. I headed right there and on my last step consultant girl came towards me and said “Girl changing rooms is on the left.” I don’t stop, approach her and say “Please, it won’t be crime”. She smiled and said looking right and left “Ah, okay”.

I felt like a revolt incitor and took two other girls who were hesitating to enter or ask and they too followed me and entered. On my way out there was another consultant. I looked at her, put clothes I did not pick on her table and whispered “Thank you so much!” and she gave me the sweetest smile.

Brandynette replied 3 hr. ago

Ahh the blis of non-binarity. You can choose or be both at your own personal conveniance!

I tend to choose acording to the path of least resistance as it bores me yo even engage uncultured peeps i gota explain myself too.

& so did you, you even encouraged others who where waiting & due to you slight masculinity you gave 2 girl the courage to just go for it as they felt secure in a male only area.

Well done in my book

Kaseffera OP replied 3 hr. ago

I’m not non binary. I’m a feminine lesbian trans girl.

From my understanding it was nothing that hard. I mean we just wanted to change clothes and do it quick. I really meant when saying that there’s not a crime because there were no men so we, girls, could just do our business quickly and leave. I don’t think me, those girls or the old lady put a special meaning in that, more like girls taking over territory!

Brandynette reply just now

just like you chose to be yourself they choose to trust you along & get changed.
your choice allowed the girls to do the same & made it ok for the staff. this is very powerful & needs to be cherished.

even tough i legally changed my name, gender & am on HRT i have to admit im actually non-binary. im girlisch with some & boyisch with others.
with a femenine lesbian i go butch, if im with a butch i go femenine.
with manly men i go cute & frilly while with femboys i switch to either being their sister or his tough mom… “technically” im a pansexual trans woman! i think… with some extra plumbing, maybe?

& so, i go to the bath the rest of my group goes too. just like your 2 girls i follow & adapt.

your Sapphic redundancy is cute BTW ^^
trans lesbian a girl, femenine lesbian has to be a girl,
femenine trans again girl. girl girl trans girl! giggle
metatags no longer define who i am.






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